Seed harvesting in the Peak District

As part of the pre-construction works we are planning to undertake seed harvesting which will assist with our proposals for habitat creation and restoration once the works are complete. Seed harvesting is proposed both this year and next year at suitable locations on site that have been selected due to their botanical interest and diversity. Part of the collection will be undertaken this month within Wogden Foot Local Wildlife Site with the exact timing dependent on seed development and weather. Other areas will be harvested in summer 2021 following additional on site management. The work will be undertaken by RSK Habitat Management, an experienced ecological contractor specialising in ecological mitigation and habitat creation.


Seed will be brush harvested by a seed harvesting team using a tractor with harvesting attachment, similar to the photo below or possibly smaller. The collected seed will be removed from site, cleaned, dried, and placed in cold storage, for subsequent sowing on site once construction works are complete. Post construction ground preparation and cultivation works will be carried out at the receiving locations on site, so that the harvested seed can be sown into suitable ground.


Emorsgate Seeds