Saplings on the move

Moving saplings to the Crow Edge community centre

Looking after the environment as well as enhancing the landscape is a priority for our Peak East VIP project and we’re always looking for ways to reduce the impact of the work we are doing.

To build the new temporary route for the Trans Pennine Trail (TPT) which will keep the path open throughout the project, we have needed to remove a number of trees which will be replaced as part of the environmental restoration at the end of the project.  Whilst carrying out this work, our team under the supervision of our on-site ecologist, Lewis Wright, identified a number of saplings which were young enough to survive being lifted and moved to a new location either temporarily or permanently.  We got in touch with Dunford Parish Council to see whether anyone in the local community would be interested in adopting or fostering the trees during the construction period.  This week, our project team carefully lifted, transported and re-planted the saplings outside at the Crow Edge community centre, giving them the opportunity to continue their growth whilst being unaffected by the works.  Once our works are complete we will plant six new trees in their place while the three relocated trees will enhance the area around the community centre.


Pictured with two of the three saplings at their new home by Dunford’s Parish’s Community Centre at Crow Edge are (l to r) Allen Pestell, Chair of Dunford Parish Council, Andy Neilly National Grid’s Project Supervisor for the Peak East VIP project and Claire Briggs, Senior Environmental Advisor with Morgan Sindall.