A day in the life – Mohammed ‘Azad’ Ghalib

An insight into project management on a major scheme

After initially pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry, Mohammed ‘Azad’ Ghalib decided he needed a fresh challenge. He now finds himself at the heart of our project in the Peak District.

Azad’s role on the project

“I am responsible for guaranteeing that the project team are working safely and to the necessary high quality that is always required. I also make sure that the project is adhering to the very highest standards in protecting the environment and delivering biodiversity net gain, and that National Grid’s commitment to net zero is being met.

“I do a full tour of the project work areas every day as well as reviewing design drawings, method statements and attending many different meetings to ensure everybody knows what they need to be doing.”

Working in project management

“Teamwork is everything in delivering this type of project. We also need to work closely with a wide range of external stakeholders for it to be a success.

“The fact that this project is leading the way and generating a new approach in protecting the environment during construction has been the most satisfying thing for me. I have no doubt that this scheme will be a case study for the way we do major construction with minor environmental impact for all future projects – something all of us involved are very proud of.

“Every day brings a different challenge, and you just never know what is going to crop up. It’s been a pleasure meeting different people as part of a project this complex and diverse, not least the local community here in Dunford Bridge. They have been so supportive of the project and have all take a keen interest in its progress.”

Away from work

“I have a wife and two beautiful daughters that take up most of my time away from the job. Family time is very important to me.

“When I get the chance, I play and watch football and cricket. On the rare occasion I have enough time(!), I like to meet with friends to catch up and unwind.”

A word of advice…

“This is a fantastic job with amazing career opportunities. There’s a challenge needing a solution waiting around the corner almost on a daily basis, and often one you never would have seen coming, so it’s always very rewarding.

“I have a wide-ranging support network that is very eager to help in any way they can. To me this is the ultimate team working environment.”