Site preparation work underway in Dunford Bridge


A small programme of vegetation clearance work is underway in Dunford Bridge to prepare the site ahead of work starting on National Grid’s Visual Impact Provision project.

National Grid’s appointed contractor Morgan Sindall is currently working adjacent to the Trans Pennine Trail (TPT) near the Dunford Bridge car park to remove rhododendron.  The team is removing this invasive plant now to limit its spread.

All of the material is being chipped and left at the same location, in line with best practice and as agreed with Barnsley Council and Yorkshire Water.

This work is being carried out with an ecologist present to monitor for nesting birds. Should any be found, we will ensure that they will all be left undisturbed.

There is also out some vegetation clearance being carried out around the area where a new permanent bridge will be installed for the forthcoming diversion of the TPT.  This will require some vegetation and branches to be pruned as well as some minor tree removal to allow access to the working area near the bridge.

During week commencing 15 March, the team will additionally be preparing for the removal of a small amount of Japanese knotweed, another undesirable invasive species, that has been discovered near the car park.  This will require the shoots that have been discovered to be dug up and a root mat laid around 2m deep to prevent any new growth.

Separately in mid-March a series of small trial holes will be needed in Wogden Foot to help precisely locate the existing water culvert that runs through the area.  This will require a small team to dig holes around 1m deep, which will all be backfilled on the same day.

Following this initial preparation work, the main programme of construction work will shortly be starting on site. This will initially involve set up of the site, including the creation of a construction compound before work on the first phase of the project begins later in the spring to create the temporary diversion of the Trans Pennine Trail.

If you have any questions about any of the planned activity, please get in touch with the VIP project team directly by calling 0330 134 0051 or sending an email to