Tandem Trekkers take on the TPT

Local accessible cycling group tries out the temporary TPT diversion

This weekend, we were delighted to welcome the Tandem Trekkers who saddled up to cycle our temporary TPT diversion between Dunford Bridge and Wogden Foot.

Tandem Trekkers is a West Yorkshire based tandem cycling club for blind and visually impaired riders. The intrepid Trekkers play a key role in helping to make exercise accessible to all in the local community.

22 Trekkers arrived bright and early in Dunford Bridge on the morning of Saturday 12th March, where they were welcomed by National Grid and Morgan Sindall colleagues who talked to them about the project and introduced them to the new, fully accessible diversion.

The cyclists rode the 1.5 km route taking in the surrounding views – and even stopping for a  bite to eat and some hot drinks.

Paul Stark, trustee at Tandem Trekkers, said:

“The 1.5km diversion at Dunford Bridge was a joy to ride. Even the weather behaved itself. Full marks to the team for the absolutely first class diversion that’s been built.”

Andrew Neilly, National Grid’s project supervisor for the Peak East VIP project, said: “Our temporary trail diversion has been built in a way that makes it accessible for all of the different types of users of the TPT. We worked closely with Barnsley Council, the TPT Office and the local access forum to make sure we got this 100 percent right.

“It’s always been essential for us that we keep this popular route open for everyone during our work in Dunford Bridge. It was our pleasure to host the Tandem Trekkers, and we look forward to seeing more people from the surrounding area, whatever age or ability, coming and trying out the new trail for themselves.”

Take a look at the photos from the day below. You can find out more about the Trekkers on their blog.