Update: Northern Powergrid power supplies in Dunford Bridge

Important information for residents about temporary generators

As of yesterday (Monday 28 March), Northern Powergrid has put Dunford Bridge’s electricity supply onto temporary generators.

The generators are running to ensure electrical supplies to the area are maintained while Northern Powergrid complete their own works to remove a section of low voltage overhead line from the National Park.

We have been advised that these will need to remain in place until Tuesday 5 April when all of Northern Powergrid’s works are due to be completed.

We are aware that there are six Northern Powergrid generators positioned in various locations across the village, including one within our own site compound, and that these will be running throughout the day and night.

Please note that this work is the responsibility of Northern Powergrid and is not related to the National Grid VIP project.

If you have any questions about this, please get in touch with Northern Powergrid directly. Their contact details can be found at www.northernpowergrid.com/contact