Water way to prevent waste

PROJECT UPDATE - October 2021

By collecting and recycling rainwater from near our work site, we have saved over 7,000 litres of water.

As well as transforming the landscape, we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact throughout our VIP project works in the Peak District – and thanks to the quick thinking of our engineers, we’ve found a way to cut down our water usage significantly.

Our engineers found that the road bridge above our site in Dunford Bridge was collecting large amounts of rainwater, which was simply accumulating on the ground and soaking away.

The team decided that, rather than letting this valuable resource go to waste, they would collect the excess rainwater and use it to wash out the piling machinery in Wogden Foot, where we are installing our new cable sealing end compound.

We estimate that, by doing this, we have saved between 7,000 and 8,000 litres of water which would otherwise have been sourced from mains or brought in on tankers. This has reduced our potential impact on the environment from CO2 emissions and traffic, while minimising our use of the village water supply.

With the rainy season approaching, we’ll have plenty of opportunity to re-use rainwater from the bridge. We’re exploring a range of other purposes so we can make best use of this natural resource and minimise our waste.