Working safely along the Trans Pennine Trail

PROJECT UPDATE - August 2021

The next phase of our project will need some members of our team to carry out work along the Trans Pennine Trail (TPT).  If you’re visiting the TPT you may see them on the section of the route near Dunford Bridge.

At the start of next week (commencing 16 August) we’ll need to prune and cut back some branches on a small number of trees that are overhanging the TPT between the car park and Wogden Foot.

Pruning the trees will minimise any vehicles needing to travel over the grass verges next to the trail while we take some essential construction materials down to Wogden Foot.

What vehicles will be travelling down the TPT?

From next week we will be safely transporting construction materials via three dumper trucks in convoy along the TPT.

This will be repeated several times over the coming weeks due to the volume of materials required at Wogden Foot to build the TPT diversion.

Using the convoy system will minimise disruption from vehicle movements, as well as ensuring that members of the public are kept safe. The convoy will be led by a pedestrian escort at all times to keep all of the vehicles moving at walking pace.

We have been monitoring trail usage and intend to carry out this activity when the trail is at its quietest, again with the view to minimising any disruption or inconvenience.

All of this work will take place under the strictest health and safety measures to protect both members of the public and our project team.

If you have any questions about any of this planned activity, please get in touch with the VIP project team directly by calling 0330 134 0051 or sending an email to